Iskhala of The Bog

The Swampy Druid with the Social Skills of a Gelatinous Cube


Being an Eladrin elf standing at a height of 5’8 weighing 145 pounds; with gold eyes, olive skin and large ears. Her hair on top is white with a green tinge with long sideburns and shaved on the bottom and solid black. She keeps her thick hair in a top pony with short bangs in the front (don’t want your hair to be always in swamp water.. It’s best to wear it up to avoid that). Being of out lander background, she wears a trophy of an animal she had killed; so she wears antlers of a Peryton in her hair and the Tuff of a Peryton on her armor. She wears customized studded leather armor to give herself an armor class of 16, poofy blue pants with yellow misshapen crosses on it and some sweet sandals. Her body is very hairy because she embraces her natural body and it helps her be closer to druids/nature. She carries a large spear on her bag that has fruit dangling around where the spear meets the staff, holding a large backpack ready for travel.


Iskhala was born in an small town in the Fey wilds just a half a day’s walk from a large swamp; in her town it was titled The Bog. Growing up, she was told of a tale of a forest druid who wandered into The Bog and never returned. Being taught to never trust druids due to their “dangerous habits” of exploration and it drives them into insanity. Iskhalas parents noticed her peeking interest in the ways of nature and curiosity of what lives in The Bog. So they did everything in their power to get her mind out of The Bog. So they had her training for hunting and to learn to be one like the Rangers that guard their town. But her interests still were still within that bog. One night she went out on her own, being only a child with a spear larger than her probably wasn’t the smartest. But she needed to know what lived in that swamp. She walked farther and farther into the misty area and peeked inside. As she went further and further she was surprised by a large Gelatinous cube; she panicked. She had never seen anything quite like this before, shes only met with beasts that the Town rangers let them train on but nothing that was so… Goopy. But suddenly, the life form started.. Talking.. It started talking and she suddenly felt calmer. A human voice coming out of a cube made of gelatin; he started talking and introduced himself. His name is Ferula and he was once a human druid that was raised in the forest but since being relocated to the swamp as a cube he taught himself in the ways of the swamp. He became a Gelatinous cube because he had a deal with a witch and he didn’t hold up his end of the deal and so he tried to hide as a tree in the forest. The witch found him and dragged him into the swamp and cursed him into his current body and left him there; jokes on her though, because he takes kindly to his new form and prefers it over his human body. He said that Iskhala had the heart of a seed, but something was preventing it from blooming; he told her that if she came at night he could train her in the ways of the druid. So she did just that; time went by and as she grew older she really started to hone her skills of being a druid, she was now fluent in druidic and her appearance started to change. She kept her hair shorter, her body hair more apparent and wearing more natural looking apparel; Her parents started to notice this change and grew suspicious. So they started questioning her about what she does and how she feels about becoming a ranger for the town. She tried to convince her parents that being a ranger wasn’t for her, considering her asthma her breathing is hard to do extremely physical actions and controlling her breathing while arching. Then she brought up the idea of becoming a druid and explained everything in The Bog and cast Druidcraft to make leaves appear to show how neat it is and the potential of her excelling in it. Her parents were very furious and upset of their only daughter exploring the ways of druidic when they made every point to avoid that; next thing they know she’ll be gay too! (Actually… she hella gay). So they told her she cannot carry the family name of Tallshard and be a druid as well because if the town knew, they’d be brought shame so they told her that she was not allowed to go back to The Bog and if she did and they knew, she wouldn’t be allowed to come back home; and being 165 years old (elf years) she had to make this decision for herself. So she gathered her things and went and gathered food and survival equipment and said goodbye to her town Havadue and relocated into the swamp and went into more intimidate training into her druidic abilities. Years past and she is now 200 years old and she has a lot of great abilities of being a druid and knows so much more and has become one with the swamp. One night, suddenly someone attacked the swamp looking for her and then she was gagged, knocked out and kidnapped from the swamp. The last she saw before being knocked out was the scar on one of their faces that looked very close to the head ranger of her old town. She then woke up in a town in Zaitunisia in a inn; a nurse helping her woulds and bruises and making sure she wasn’t going to knock out again. She goes into a panic; she’s no longer in the swamp and has no idea if her master is ok. She has no memory of what had happened due to being knocked out for a few days and she had to figure out a way to go back. But it seemed she would need money to get back safely so she signed up to become Auxiliary for the Zaitunisia.

Iskhala of The Bog

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