Aerin, son of none

The starry-eyed wonderboy


Aerin, the fair-skinned human, is an energetic youth on the cusp of adulthood. He stands in at about 5’11” tall, sporting medium-length unkempt dark-brown hair that covers a boyish face with eyes that glow green like jade. His attire consists of a silvery silken tunic over some wolf-pelt pants along with black tabi socks worn with geta sandals. Wrapped around his left wrist are turquoise prayer beads. Dangling from his left ear is a pearlescent silver teardrop earring. His tunic covers 2 tattoos; one a large and colorful tribal tattoo over his right shoulder-blade/back area; the other a dark green tattoo of druidic writing on his left side below the armpit. For his winter action figure he wears a black fur hide coat and his signature scarf.

Aerin typically carries with him 2 longswords, his bow, a quarterstaff, and his ace-in-the-hole shortsword. For protection he wears… just his REGULAR CLOTHES!? That’s right, armor would just slow him down! Despite a lack of armor, Aerin is far from helpless as he has trained rigorously in the Sublime Way, a martial school taught in a monastery of a far-out place.

The motley assortment of clothing comes from Aerin’s time spent traveling and training with his master, a Monk of the Four Elements, who achieved enlightenment and left the monastery he presided over, journeying to the wilds to become a Druid of the Circle of the Moon. Their meeting was a chance encounter that occurred during Aerin’s infancy.


Aerin was born into an age of turmoil. War consumed the lands, taking the lives of many. His mother ran an orphanage and took care of the war orphans of the village as best she could. His father fought and died in the war. Eventually the war came to the village. Taking the orphans, as well as her newborn baby, she fled to the great forest to the West, but not before sustaining what would become a fatal wound. Wandering the forest for 3 days they evaded their pursuers only to become hopelessly lost. Her wound taking its toll, Aerin’s mother collapsed, only to be rescued by Aerin’s future master. Sensing her waning life, he led them to the grove of the feyfolk and entreated the Great Fairy of the forest to allow them to stay. Seeing the dying mother and the orphans, the Great Fairy was moved and accepted. Unfortunately, Aerin’s mother could hold onto life no longer and died, shedding a single tear as she lamented her lost future with her son. The Great Fairy preserved this teardrop and bestowed it upon the baby Aerin as a token of his mother’s love.

Aerin and the orphans spent several years there. For Aerin, who had known nothing of his past, it was a child’s paradise. He played and frolicked around the forest with his feyfolk friends and human kin. For the other, older orphans, it was a false life. Remembering their lost families and friends, they grew restless and resentful as they felt that this newfound happiness was built on a lie. Eventually Aerin’s 7th birthday came to pass. 7 was a very special age in this place, and so a great celebration was had. There was song and dance and merriment. Aerin received an ocarina as a gift from his feyfriends and was happy.

Unfortunately this was not to last, as that very night, the orphans hatched their plan to escape, something that was forbidden by the Great Fairy and the druids that came and went. After the festivities, they snuck out and broke into the vault that contained items of power and enchantment; held sacred by the fey and druids. Using these items they escaped; harming many of the fey. One would have died if it were not for Aerin throwing himself in the way to protect his friend and suffering massive wounds instead.

Enraged at their betrayal the Great Fairy could no longer tolerate the presence of foreigners within her forest, and; despite his innocence in the matter, she cast Aerin away. By chance, the very same druid who had rescued the orphans years before happened to be passing by again. Hearing of the Great Fairy’s orders, he could not help but feel pity for the lone boy, and decided to take Aerin with him as a pupil, so that the child might not be helpless in the world.

Their journey began that day, and continued for 8 long years. They traveled far and wide; from the deepest of wilderness and the densest of cities to the remotest of islands and all in between. The young pupil met many people and lived in a variety of places, sometimes staying for a time while his master went away for whatever reasons. In this way he has gone from life as part of a barbarian tribe to life as part of a temple-monastery to life as a solitary wanderer.

The young pupil also learned very much during his travels; from reading and writing to survival and swordplay; among other things. He made sure to play his ocarina as often as he could in remembrance of his friends. His master instructed him in much of this, though outside help was gained during the boys encounters with others. He was disciplined in the Sublime Way, a martial art that is as much a school of thought as it is a school of combat.

8 years later, the young pupil and his master found themselves in front of the very forest in which their journey had begun. Setting up camp at the edge of the forest, the old master left Aerin to wait while he entered the forest to meditate. Upon the dawn of the 4th day, Aerin lost patience and set out into the forest in search of his master.

During his search, he came upon the place in which he had spent his childhood days, only to find it infested with evil. Taking his sword, he rescued his friends from the monsters that terrorized them. After being freed they told Aerin that the Great Fairy must be in danger if the monsters were able to invade their territory in the forest. Aerin immediately set forth. He found the Great Fairy and vanquished the evil parasitic being that had leeched her energy away. Her life restored, she looked upon her hero to see the same boy she cast out years ago. He had returned and saved the very people who had shunned him, redeeming himself. The Great Fairy gave the young hero the greatest gift she could, imbuing him with the sacred magical power she was revered for.

Despite the whirlwind of events surrounding the rescue of his old friends, Aerin hadn’t forgotten about his master; yet, even the Great Fairy, guardian deity of the forest, was unable to help him locate his master. But this was as his master had undoubtedly planned, or so Aerin felt. With the blessing of the Great Fairy, the well wishes of his friends, and the lessons and memories of his time spent training with his master, Aerin set out into the world with only the wish to get stronger so that he might continue protecting those in need.

Aerin wandered aimlessly from place to place, helping those he could. He defeated bandits, caught cutpurses, and even defended a man’s home and family from thugs sent by a thieves guild. He was happy helping the people in this way, but felt unfulfilled. After about 18 months of drifting, Aerin found a flier calling for heroes to aid the people of Zaitunisia (Zaitunisian aux corps ad). He immediately decided to enlist so that he might make a difference for good.

Aerin, son of none

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