A risk loving con-artist with a knack for disappearing from town, Cyn is an unpredictable companion, but an extremely useful one if you earn his loyalty.


Cyn is a 23 year old, 3’ 3", 43 pound Tibbit (in humanoid form). A Tibbit is a descendent of ancient cat familiars that gained sentience and freedom, eventually learning to adopt a humanoid form. In truth, he’s more cat than person. He can transform into is an orange tabby cat of normal size with green eyes. In his humanoid form, he has a loose Mohawk hair style that goes from dark orange on top to light orange on the sides. In addition, he keeps his emerald eyes. His ears are pointed much like an elves would be, and he also has sharper facial features like elves. However, most people just mistake him for a halfling. He primarily uses a rapier or a short bow in conflicts, but he’ll try to talk his way out of the situation before that. He wears studded leather armor and always tries to avoid being attacked at all. He occasionally uses his magical abilities to make enemies incapacitated with laughter, or turn a new leaf and stop attacking. Out of combat, he spends most of his time scamming people out of their money with marked playing cards, pick-pocketing gold from unaware civilians, or looking for some grandiose scheme to pull off by the skin of his teeth.


(NOTE: The character is referred to as Cyn to keep his real name a secret, however he does not use that name until he is 18 years old)

As a Tibbit, he was raised by his two parents atop a giant hoard of treasure in their thieves den. Tibbits are adventurous and Cyn’s parents were especially short sighted, so it was surprising they decided to parent Cyn at all! They had abandoned monstrous piles of treasure numerous times, so why would they keep a child?

Cyn’s mother was a dungeon delver and loved to head into dangerous ruins filled with traps and monsters in a quest for booty. Cyn’s father was a cat burglar and on a most wanted list in a different region for stealing 5 sets of royal jewels in one night. Sometimes they would accompany each other in their exploits and sometimes they would each go out on their own.

Originally they had planned to leave Cyn in a halfling village where he’d be fine and then continue their adventures and plundering. However, upon seeing their newborn child they had been stuck with an unfamiliar and terrifying feeling: unconditional love. They hated this new discovery. Not going out into the world to discover more treasure and enjoyment? Heinousness! Blasphemy! Absolute apostasy! They wanted to abandon him, yet they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

Eventually he grew old enough to feed himself and care for himself and so Cyn’s parents could leave him in the lair and go out on heists, adventures or what have you. But they would always come back as quick as they could. To see Cyn.

Cyn grew older and his parents taught him their views of the world: never trust anyone, the world is filled with tantalizing treasures, and the purpose of life is to have fun. He internalized these lessons and became the cat he is today! His dad taught him how to pickpocket and his mom how to disarm traps and locks. Cyn loved what his parents did and looked up to them.

When Cyn turned 18 he was finally old enough to go out on his own, and had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He wanted to enjoy the world the way his parents did. “Wait,” his father said, “What will you call yourself out there? In case we see you again.”
He chuckled slightly, looked at his father and said, “Cyn. They’ll call me Cyn.” He said goodbye, thanked them for everything and left, knowing he would never see them again in this wide world.

He began his travels, going town to town and robbing them blind. When he caught wind of a dungeon he would hire muscle to protect him, and then rob them of their pay when he was done. He inevitably stole from the wrong person however, a gnome illusionist. After tripping a magical alarm in a small town shop, Cyn suddenly found himself in a forest.
He didn’t know how he got here and could barely remember what he was just doing, when suddenly swarms of spiders came streaming out of the trees and swallowed him. And suddenly, they were gone, and a pack of wolves came from the trees, growling hungrily. They were closing in on Cyn when they suddenly paused, and Cyn heard a small voice. “I can destroy you in a million different ways. Are you prepared to return what is mine?” Cyn, knowing he was in too deep, responded “Yes, of course!” And then he was back in the shop with a small gnome man in front of him. Cyn returned everything to its proper place, barely comprehending what just occurred. He claimed he was desperate for food and just needed some money to eat. The gnome responded, “I am older than you believe, young halfling. You cannot fool me. However, you remind me of a friend of mine from my adventuring days, so I will pity you.” Cyn asked, “How did you do all that? Transport me to a forest and everything?”
“Ah,” said the gnome, "but did I? It’s all in the mind you see…” He held out his hand and in it was a sack of gold. “Take it” he said. Cyn slowly reached out to grab it, and his hand slid right through. Amazed, Cyn asked with a smile on his face, “Can you teach me to do these things?” The small man thought for a moment, his eyes seeming to scan every inch of Cyn. After a long silence he said, “Normally a thief such as you would not be able to learn of the arcane… but I sense a natural talent in you. A well of magic for you to draw from.”
“So you’ll teach me?” Cyn said, unable to contain the excitement in his voice.
“On one condition,” he said smugly, “You must stay here, with me, and you cannot steal anything from this nice town.”
“Of course! I won’t touch a thing,” Cyn lied. The Gnome knew, but he also felt this petty burglar was not like the others. And so Cyn stayed with this old gnome, and he learned of arcane magic. He had never stayed anywhere long since leaving his home, and was worried of past enemies coming to find him. Thus he created an alter ego to go by while here, Booker, with the help of the old gnome. At first he had trouble adjusting to his crime-less agenda, but the gnome’s abilities were a good incentive not to. He did steal from the surrounding town, but he never stole from the gnome. And he appreciated that. But as time went on, Cyn found himself spending less time stealing and conning people, and more time practicing his magic.

Cyn was intrigued by this magic beyond its applications. He felt its complexity and how it bends reality, and was exhilarated by it. In the end, he had a knack for enchantment and illusion magic, but nothing else. He was a little disappointed he could not learn more, but this disappointment was greatly outweighed by how much fun he had with the spells he could use. After a year of intense study, he had finally learned the arcane arts (and a slew of jokes and puns). And for the first time, he actually respected someone other than his parents.

Cyn said his goodbye to this old gnome man, and thanked him for his kindness. The gnome said with a smirk, “So. Have I convinced you to turn a new leaf and give up your life of crime?” Cyn laughed and said with a faint smile, “Not even close old man.” They waved goodbye, and the gnome’s mind wandered, thinking of his adventuring buddies of years past…

Cyn continued his travels, using his new-found abilities to con and steal even more. Eventually, he ran into a large metal man, named Corvin. He was wary of him – er, it? – at first but he seemed to follow his command, so he didn’t question a good thing. But he’ll always have a close eye on him… And so now Cyn had a reliable (and free) heavy lifter to keep him alive when things went south. He traveled with him and eventually ended up in the Zaitunisian Empire. He hated the cold, but he couldn’t go back, he had to keep moving. He heard talk of the local military hiring auxiliaries and decided to join up. He didn’t think fighting was really his thing, but he couldn’t be sure as usually he’d just run. So he thought this job would be an interesting new experience for him and hell, it might even be fun.


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