Welcome to Golodon

Golodon is a heavily forested province known for its seemingly constant state of conflict. For a little over a century, the Zaitunisian Empire, a nation made prosperous through clever trade and calculated conquest, has attempted to colonize the province. This has not boded well with the native tribes of Golodon.

Although largely independent of each other, the Tribes confederated to combat the foreign invaders. After years of stalemate, a cataclysmic event destroyed the established capital of the confederated tribes, which caused the tribes to reconsider their part in the conflict. With indecision and turmoil thwarting organization, the Zaitunisian Empire was able to push further into Golodon and establish multiple settlements.

Yet, this era of peace cannot last. The nations of men, elves, and dwarves alike have set their sights to Golodon, hoping to claim potentially vast wealth. Furthermore, there are rumors that the Tribes have once again confederated. The provincial Zaitunisian Army is mobilizing, and it appears that Golodon will once again be thrust into a state of war…

The Tribes of Golodon

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